Thursday, 12 December 2013

Idea emergence

My research question, originally conceived: to what extent do DIY online communities displace capital activity?

The major shift that has occurred in my thinking over this course is the realization that I am not an economist and I am not trained in economic disciplinary methods.  In other words, I am not familiar with economic quantitative analyses and I would not be able to conduct them in an acceptable fashion (later scrutiny to peer review) without said expertise.  Furthermore, my initial research question itself is huge.  I now think this research could ideally be executed as an interdisciplinary project between an information + an economic scholar.  The value I would bring to such a project is my attention to the online space (how it is dis/similar to offline) and my familiarity with the field of community informatics.  As I am ideologically invested in the question (let’s be honest), I could also use the research with the DIY online community to arrive at sound conclusions that could be used to empower others; as a longer-term goal, I could develop tools to help DIY online communities actualize their goals toward increased economic independence.

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